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Your lifestyle and the environment you live in affects your whole being. (and/or)
Often we are too close to ourselves to see the negative impact our lifestyle and environment has on our minds and bodies.
Peteal is a holistic service that comes to you.
Through a thorough assessment based on holistic therapy and philosophy and incorporating the best of Kinesiology, Pilates and Personal Training, you can regain your well-being.

(Now the list:)

With our techniques we can help you with:
- Injuries
-General physical imbalances including
-Correcting spinal problems and back pain
-Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder
-Neck pain , knee and hip issues.

Sport Kinesiology can also address:
-Emotional Trauma
-Digestive and Sleep Disorders
-Hormone problems
-Skin health  and Weight Loss

We provide a customised personal plan that may include:
-Corrective exercises
-Correct breathing techniques
-Organic Nutrition and mineral balanced waters and much more.

Sports Kinesiology can also provide you with Holistic Fitness Training for a wide variety of lifestyles:
-All types of Sporting activities
-General Well-being
-The Elderly

Our own vitality and fitness has evolved with products we know and trust:

AOK Swiss Balls for (what is this good for?)
Swing Gym for
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)
Foam Rollers
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)
(what is this good for?)

We are very different. We train and treat you by looking at the whole picture.

If you are not sure, just email and ask.

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