Good content writing for SEO or search engine optimization is where the page title, the page description and the first sentence or two contains the descriptive words of the page itself. Content writing for SEO often means repeating descriptive words in the second sentence which are found in the page title and description.

Now a SEO bot firstly reads the page title which you can see on the title bar of the browser. In this case it is Writing Good Content. Then, it reads the page description and most SEO bots read the page keywords. The bot compares the page title, description and the content of the first few sentences which I've made bold  for you.

So far, I've repeated these significant words in the title, banner and first paragraph:

3 Good   2 SEO   2 description
4 Content   4 page   2 descriptive
4 writing   2 title   2 words

What you can't see is the page description which is hidden from you but not for the bot.
The page description for this page reads "Content writing tips and tricks for search engine optimization or SEO using page titles and descriptions by repeating descriptive words"

Now our list changes as far as the bot is concerned to:
3 Good   3 SEO   3 description
5 Content*   5 page*   3 descriptive
5 writing*   3 title   3 words

The bots are not intelligent, but the search engine it reports to is and catalogues the page as 'content+writing+page' and 'good+SEO+title+description+descriptive+words'  so when someone searches for writing good content then this page has a better chance at being found, thanks to its construction.  The next page is a rewritten example from your site.    Next